We offer SILK SCREEN 101 monthly tutorial workshops. We believe in nurturing our clientel and building a relationship that surpasses fashion and spurs expressionism. Hence we offer these specialized classes.

Learn to stretch, coat, and shoot a full sized professional silkscreen. Our tutorials exemplify how to utilize all manner of inks, design materials, and print methods on print fabric, paper, and t-shirts.

Feel free to contact us
(416) 553 6632
to book your spot in our next session.


"You Deserve a Better Dressed Boyfriend"
(416) 553 6632

279 Augusta Avenue,
Toronto, Canada
M5T 2M1

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Established in 2004 as a silk screening studio, our ethos has always been integrity; the integrity of the products we carry, our staff, workshops, and notably, our customers.

Adopting the swallow as our logo, we know that no matter where the journeys of our customers take them, they can always return to our sartorial base of integrity, for unique clothing that will outfit them appropriately for their next voyages.


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